Thursday, 19 April 2012

Is a Trust Deed or Bankruptcy really the End of the Road??

In the current economic climate, with more and more household budgets being stretched to breaking point, would the signing of a Trust Deed, or making an application for bankruptcy, really be the end of the road?

We, at MLM Solutions, feel that this is not the case and that for many individuals, or small businesses alike, it is actually an opportunity to free yourself from the burden of unmanageable debts.

Whilst these debts may have been taken on when you were able to afford the repayments, changes to your recent financial situation may be putting a strain on affordability.

So, instead of taking out additional debt, either by way of payday loans or other potentially expensive credit agreements, there are other options available to you which, whilst they may seem to be the end of the road, are in fact far from it and may allow you to sleep more easily at night, safe in the knowledge that your earnings are working in your favour.

A Trust Deed, or bankruptcy, could be the vehicle which allows you to get your life back on track and draw a line under your financial problems. Our friendly team of  debt advisor's will look at your case in a professional and considerate manner and the amount you pay each month, usually for a 36 month term, will be based upon what you can afford, once all of your day-to-day household expenses have been met (ie. Mortgage/Rent, Gas/Electricity, Council Tax, etc).

If you would like the opportunity to break free from your current financial predicament then call MLM Solutions today on 0800 138 0707 or e-mail us at and we will contact you to arrange an initial free consultation.

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